Sophie stars at EADT Cyclo Cross awards

SOPHIE Holmes (Diss & District CC) was the star of the EADT Cyclo-Cross League Prize Presentation at Mildenhall.

SOPHIE Holmes (Diss & District CC) was the star of the EADT Cyclo-Cross League Prize Presentation at Mildenhall.

At eight years and five months old she was unanimously voted winner of the Ron Hunt Memorial Trophy for the Most Impressive Rider of the season from the Under 12, Youth or Junior categories.

Sophie's guts and determination battling with the boys - she finished not just first Under 10 rider, but third overall in the Under 12 league table - got her the verdict.

Ron Hunt MBE was the League's Press Officer until he suffered a serious stroke in 2006.

Most of the categories in the League were won convincingly this season, with Shaun Aldous (Lotto Olympia Team Interbike), Senior Men; Rachel Moss (Ford CC), Senior Women; Gavin Rumbles (CC Luton), Veteran; and Hugo Robinson (Ipswich BC), Youth, all dominating their classes.

However, the Under 12's league went to the wire with James Jackson (Colchester Rovers) getting the verdict over Welwyn's Archie Wishart on total points scored after they tied on the Best 8 rides, and also tied in rides against each other.

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The Junior competition wasn't quite so close, with Luke Newby (Diss & District CC) getting the better of Mildenhall's Matt Cook in the last few races. Alan Trolove (West Suffolk Wheelers) won the Under 14 Boys category, with Phoebe Aubugeau-Williams (Ipswich BC) winning the Girls. Bruce Robinson (Shaftesbury CC) took the Over 50s title.

Preceding the presentation was the fun MADison event where 22 riders paired up to make 11 teams. One rider raced round the short course, whilst the other waited to go once they returned.

Shaun Aldous led for the first lap and handed over to team mate Jen Ives. Ives was last year's women's league winner. She gave birth to son Edward earlier in the present season and was only at Mildenhall for a “ride round” - the team eventually finished a creditable fifth. Clear winners were Tim Butler (Ipswich) and Matt Cook (Mildenhall), ahead of Robert Hunt (API) and Alan Trolove (West Suffolk Wheelers) and Sam Connelly/Davis Fraser.

EADT Cyclo-Cross League 2008/09, Final Positions:

Senior: 1 Shaun Aldous (Lotto/Interbike) 400, 2 N Miller (Lotto/Interbike) 376, 3 I Newby (Diss & District) 371, 4 A Nichols (Cambridge Uni) 352, 5 S Chatting (Amis Velo) 339, 6 C Beech (Lotto/Interbike) 328, 7 R Dunnett (Diss & Dist) 327, 8 A Keer (Ipswich BC) 311, 9 O Bannister (VC Revolution) 290, 10 K Barker (CiclosUno) 281.

Veterans: 1 Gavin Rumbles (CC Luton) 400, 2 J Parker (Ipswich BC) 379, 3 C Ling (Diss & District) 376, 4 D Copland (IBC) 350, 5 C Harrison (Ford CC) 344, 6 B Robinson (1st 50+) (Shaftesbury CC) 332, 7 G Bores (Ford CC) 314, 8 J Hardwicke (Plomesgate CC) 307, 9 M Smith (Lotto/Interbike) 306, 10 P Peacock (St Ives CC) 299.

Junior: 1 Luke Newby (Diss) 385, 2 M Cook (Mildenhall CC) 379, 3 T Castle (Glendene/Biketrax) 363, 4 D Nichols (Glendene/Biketrax) 300, 5 R Green (IBC) 266.

Women: 1 Rachel Moss (Ford CC) 400, 2 Sue Wood (Maldon & District) 385.

Youth: 1 Hugo Robinson (Ipswich BC) 400, 2 S Connelley (Maldon) 379, 3 D Young (Glendene/Biketrax) 366. 4 L Parker (IBC) 351, 5 J Green (Glendene) 340, 6 A Trolove (West Suffolk Whs) 335, 7 S Bores (LVYCC) 330, 8 S Dunlea (CicloUno) 323, 9 G Wood (Maldon) 317, 10 A Newstead (IBC) 312.

Under 12: 1 J Jackson (Colchester Rovers) 394 2 A Wishart (Welwyn Whs) 394, 23 S Holmes (Diss) 354 (1st U10), 4 J Hardwicke (Plomesgate) 349, 5 M Powell (Chelmer CC) 337, 6 E Jarvis (Colchester) 292.

Mildenhall MADison:


1 Matthew Cook/Tim Butler, (Mildenhall CC/Ipswich BC), 2 Robert Hunt/Alan Trolove, (API/West Suffolk Whls), 3 Sam Connelley/Davis Fraser, (Maldon & District/Unattached), 4 Sue Wood/Gary Wood, (Maldon & District) 5 Shaun Aldous/Jen Ives, (Lotto/Interbike) 6 Julian Parker/Lewis Parker, (Ipswich BC)

Under 12's

1 Archie Wishart Welwyn Whls 2 James Jackson Colchester Rovers, 3 Sophie Holmes Diss & District CC,4, Emily Waller, Mildenhall CC, 5 Matthew Waller, Mildenhall CC.

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