Sudbury club hosts Four Man Team Enduro event

This Sunday will see the first Four Man Team Enduro held in the Eastern Centre, staged by Sudbury Motor Cycle Club at their Tye Farm course, Great Cornard.

The meeting starts at 11am and runs for four hours. The first team member from each outfit lines up together and rides for 15 minutes before handing over their riding bib to their next team member.

This carries until the other two team members have competed and then the process starts again.

Currently there are 15 teams entered and at least 20 teams are needed to make the event viable and it is expected there will be a last minute rush from other competitors.

Some of the members of the teams are the Roper brothers Stevie, Ricky and Jamie, as well as cousins Craig and Ian. Other riders entered are Chris Hockey, Sam Toy, Chris Hart, Jack Berry and Kelvin Vant, with much rivalry expected from all of these riders.

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This type of meeting has been put on as a fun event and for something different for all riders. Each team can be followed easily as each team member will have the same riding number.

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