Taylor only too happy to bide time

IPSWICH Witches teenage star Taylor Poole wants more time in the Premier League before he makes the step up to the Elite League.

And that’s good news for Ipswich ‘Sackers’ Witches’ fans, who can expect to see much more of the likeable Aussie star as he continues to progress in the sport.

Poole rode for Peterborough in an Elite League clash, ironically against Poole, on Monday night. And while he was on the pace, he knows he has a way to go yet before he seriously competes at Elite level.

“I need another season, or maybe two, in the Premier League,” the 18-year-old admitted.

“I see what the likes of Chris Holder and Linus Sundstrom learned in the Premier League and I’m in no rush to move up, they weren’t.

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“I don’t want to be scoring two points a meeting and struggling in the Elite League, I want to move into the Elite League and make a proper impact.”

Poole has been a shining star for the Suffolk side so far this season and he is happy with his move to Foxhall in the winter.

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“I’m so very happy at Ipswich, I can’t tell you,” he said.

“I get so much help, the fans are so friendly to me. I’m quite a shy person really, but I feel really at home at Ipswich.”

Poole and his team-mates will have to be on their mettle tonight as high-flying Glasgow Tigers are in town.

The Scottish side currently sit in second place in the Premier League table and have slowly made their presence felt.

Tonight they have Somerset’s Jason Doyle in as a guest for Joe Screen, who has an elbow injury.

The Tigers have been rocked by injury to Josh Grajczonek, who broke his leg after starting the season superbly.

But they are a mean side, having already won on the road at Berwick, Redcar and Leicester – the latter by an unbelievable 62-28 scoreline.


Ipswich: 1 K Doolan, 2 T Poole, 3 M Tresarrieu, 4 M Risager, 5 L Bjerre, 6 J Hart, 7 C Mills.

Glasgow: 1 J Doyle, 2 T Pjiper, 3 C Henry, 4 J Grieves, 5 R Sweetman, 6 N Morris, 7 M Rajkowski

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YES the Scots are in town tonight, don’t expect too many kilts and haggis to be flying around the Foxhall Stadium pits.

Glasgow, like many speedway clubs in 2011, are more cosmopolitan, than local, their riders having arrived in Scotland from all over the globe.

While the Witches have two Aussies in their side, Kevin Doolan and Taylor Poole, the Glasgow team racing at Foxhall tonight will contain no less than four Australians in their line, Jason Doyle, who is guesting for the injured Joe Screen, Christian Henry, Richard Sweetman and Nick Morris.

Glasgow also include Dutchman Theo Pjiper and Pole Michal Rajkowski.

Indeed the only thing Scottish about the Glasgow Tigers in their line-up is proud Scot, and captain, James Grieves, who was born in Paisley.

He has ridden for the Tigers for more than 10 years and is their fourth-highest-ever points scorer.

Premier League table

P Pts.

Sheffield 21 39

Glasgow 14 38

Workington 16 38

Somerset 16 34

Ipswich 18 34

Edinburgh 16 32

Rye House 19 30

Berwick 18 25

Redcar 16 24

Scunthorpe 18 24

Newcastle 17 20

Leicester 18 11

Newport 14 9

Plymouth 13 8

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