Tungate injured and Witches lose once more

ROHAN Tungate was taken to hospital as Ipswich Witches’ northern tour ended in disappointment yesterday at Glasgow.

ROHAN Tungate was taken to hospital as Ipswich Witches’ northern tour ended in disappointment yesterday at Glasgow.

Tungate suffered injuries to his groin area after getting thrown about on his bike in his opening ride. With blood all over the place, the young Aussie was carefully taken to hospital for check-ups, where he was kept overnight.

It left Pete Simmons’ side with an uphill task, already without the injured Cameron Heeps.

“Rohan was walking about but it was very uncomfortable for him and not a nice sight,” Simmons said.

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“It was always going to be a tricky task here, but we felt we could get something out of this. But once Rohan went, that was that.”

The Witches’ lack of a single point at either Workington or Glasgow puts their end-of-season play-off hopes in the balance.

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While they still have two cup semi-finals to race, it was the play-offs that the Foxhall side set out as a minimum requirement this season, but it is their home form which could cost them.

Last night at Glasgow, both Leigh Lanham and Dakota North showed some good form, but with the Tigers ahead from the off, Ipswich never really threatened.

Lanham and Mat Tresarrieu massaged the scoreline with an 8-1 in heat seven, but with Tommy Fenwick replacing Tom Young, who called off the night before, Ipswich were never likely to gain much.

The Witches are next in action in the John Berry Tribute Meeting this Thursday at Foxhall.

Scores: Glasgow: J Screen 9, M Campton 8+2, J Grajczonek 9+1, H Bager 4+1, J Grieves 6, C Wright 3+1, F Sitera 3+1.

Ipswich: T Poole 0, D North 9, L Lanham 12+1, M Tresarrieu 4+1, R Tungate 2, T Fenwick 0, M Risager 6.

Heat details

1 Screen, Campton, North, Poole; 59.2 5-1

2: Risager, Wright, Sitera, Fenwick; 60.2 8-4

3: Grajczonek, Tresarrieu, Lanham, Bager; 60.0 11-7

4: Grieves, Tungate, Sitera, Risager; 60.2 15-9

5: North, Bager, Grajczonek, Poole; 59.9 18-12

6: Screen, Campton, Risager, Fenwicl; 61.3 23-13

7: Lanham (Tac ride), Tresarrieu, Greives, Wright; 60.7 24-21

8 Campton, North, Sitera, Risager; 61.1 28-23

9 Grajczonek, Bager, Risager, Fenwick; 61.7 33-24

10: Screen, Lanham, Campton, Tresarrieu; 61.6 37-26

11: North, Grieves, Wright, Poole; 62.7 40-29

12: Lanham, Grajczonek, Risager, Sitera; 63.0 (2-4) 42-33

Glasgow 3pts. Ipswich 0pts.

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