Video: Huge smash in banger championships

IPSWICH: That’s bound to harm your insurance cover.

Banger drivers brought new meaning to the term ‘pile up’ at Foxhall Stadium as a string of cars lined up to smash into each other – much to the joy of an enraptured crowd.

The second Last Chance Heat of this year’s banger racing World Final ended in exhilarating fashion as, one after the other, half a dozen drivers were goaded on to cause a spectacular wreck.

Video footage of the amazing prang is fast becoming an internet ‘smash’, with thousands of petrol heads and motorsport fans flocking to see the domino of demolition.

Banger racing is one of the few sports in which doing as much damage to your opponent is not only accepted... it’s in the rules.

Amazingly, no one suffered the slightest injury in Saturday night’s carnage. St John Ambulance staff were only called upon once all evening – when a driver complained of having dirt in his eye.

Thrill-seeking spectators saw drivers queuing up to be among the wreckage, with more than one car left almost bent double from the impact.

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The main event was won by Spedeworth national banger driver Dale Hughes, who took the World Final at Ipswich for the second time in three years.

But the biggest night on the oval racing calendar will be remembered for what is known in the sport as an unforgettable ‘jacking’.

Race organisers Spedeworth Motorsports proclaim that, in banger racing “anything can happen and usually does” – words that rang spectacularly true at Foxhall’s 410-metre raceway.

The stadium’s Kevin Wegg called the crash “the biggest, certainly the tallest jacking possibly ever seen”.

He recounted the crash in detail, saying: “Dutch driver Bas Schiphurst had already slammed in to the back of a banger “Conga” and was then on the receiving end of an absolutely mega monster hit from Sam Wyatt, with cars following-in behind him for good measure.

“Such was the archway that the cars formed, you could have driven a number nine bus right through it!

“The crowd were sent home positively buzzing over a meeting that quite rightly will be talked about for many years to come.”

Ashley Bell came to watch the race from Wokingham. The 30-year-old said: “The crash was superb, all the drivers went in flat out and none of them held back!

“The crowd loved it and the cheer the drivers got when they emerged from their wrecks was unbelievable!

“It happened so quickly but I was glad I was there to see it.”

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