Video: Ipswich Ultimate Frisbee team wants players and sponsors

THE Ipswich Open Ultimate Frisbee team are looking to attract new players and sponsors for their ever-growing team.

Despite having been in existence for over two years, the team more commonly known as I.O.U are the only ultimate frisbee team currently running in Ipswich.

Team director Alistair Kings, 26, first became aware of the sport nine years ago whilst studying at the University of Lincoln and he was keen to spread the word to his group of friends.

One of those friends was Matt Arkle, who has lived in Ipswich since the age of eight.

The former Copleston High School pupil immediately became hooked by the fast-paced and friendly nature of the game, which is self-regulated and all about fairness.

“Ultimate frisbee is a great sport to play because it’s suitable for everyone,” the 22-year-old said.

“All you need is enthusiasm and a team mentality as we always have a right good laugh.

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“We’ve got a team of about 18 players, six of whom are women, and there’s absolutely no age limit.

“We’re hoping to find some more players so that we can form two or three teams.”

I.O.U, who have cleverly incorporated a piggy bank logo into their kit, recently competed at two tournaments in Coventry and Stoke-on-Trent, where they finished sixth and 16th respectively.

Unfortunately, as there aren’t any other teams in the area as of yet, the I.O.U team don’t play any matches other than at tournaments.

Despite their lack of competition, Kings’ team train every Wednesday from 6.30pm-8.30pm at Christchurch Park in the summer, and in winter the team train indoors at St John the Baptist Church on Cauldwell Hall Road.

The frisbee fanatic describes his the team as “an extremely outgoing, lively and fun group of people with ages ranging from late teens to early 30’s.”

Anyone interested in joining or sponsoring the I.O.U team is urged to contact Matt Arkle on 07534955959 or simply turn up at Christchurch Park on a Wednesday evening.

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