Nothing livens up a party more than a good band, and we aren't short of those here in Suffolk, with bands of every stripe looking for booking in the county.

Here are nine of the best you can hire for your party, wedding, festival or any other event.

1. Spacehopper

Spacehopper make live dance music, with a pulsing beat, repetitive, trancelike vibes and a gorgeous, spacey, semi psychedelic feel.

Playing a fusion of styles including techno, trance, space rock and what they describe as transcendental dub Spacehopper are a fantastic band for a late-night party.

While the band normally play festivals, regularly hitting up Maui Waui just across the Norfolk border, they are willing to do other gigs as well.

Contact them on their Facebook page or at

2. Midnight Road

East Anglian Daily Times: The Midnight Road, just before they performed at a wedding partyThe Midnight Road, just before they performed at a wedding party (Image: The Midnight Road)

An established rock covers band perfect for parties, Midnight Road are focused on ensuring that all the guests at their shows are having a good time.

Playing everything from Kings of Leon to Stevie Wonder, If they cover a song, it's because they love it, and it shows.

Contact them on their Facebook page, or at

3. Aartwork

East Anglian Daily Times: Aartwork performing liveAartwork performing live (Image: Aartwork)

Performing a fusion of traditional celtic folk and more modern electro folk and psychedelic influences, Aartwork are truly a one-of-a-kind band.

Putting on an energetic and professional performance, the way the recorder interacts with the haunting vocals creates an incredible atmosphere.

Aartwork are available for both ceilidhs and more conventional live performances, and they have found that their modern influences helps get more people up and dancing than a traditional performance would.

Contact them on their Facebook page or at

4. Graffitied Soul

East Anglian Daily Times: Graffitied Soul rocking outGraffitied Soul rocking out (Image: Gary Easdale)

Graffitied Soul are a female-fronted independent alt rock band, who play a range of covers with a few originals.

They're capable of doing anything, from Blondie to Billy Idol, Metallica to Abba, and guitarist Gav says their Dolly Parton cover "is pretty epic too".

Contact them on 07368 380568.

5. Swervy World

East Anglian Daily Times: Swervy World pictured at Bressingham Steam MuseumSwervy World pictured at Bressingham Steam Museum (Image: Swervy World)

Swervy World are a band of troubadours touring nationally on an annual basis.

With traditional jazz instruments, the band play rock n roll, boogie woogie, rhythm and blues, jump blues, skiffle, ska, reggae, surf, western swing and even occasionally traditional jazz!

Swervy World specialise in acoustic, off stage, outdoor performance and make regular street performances.

Contact them at

6. Hurricane Alley

East Anglian Daily Times: Hurricane Alley in 2019- some changes to the lineup have occured since thenHurricane Alley in 2019- some changes to the lineup have occured since then (Image: Chris Silvester)

A five-piece covers band from the Ipswich area, led by an impressive female singer, Hurricane Alley play mainly well-known songs from the 80s and 90s, although a few noughties' songs sometimes make their way into their sets.

Their repertoire includes music by stars including Huey Lewis, Republica, Chic, Toto, Cutting Crew, Spandau, Duran Duran, Foreigner, Bryan Adams, Prince, Bowie, Luther Vandross, Van Halen, Journey and many more.

Contact them at

7. The Fresh Twang

East Anglian Daily Times: The Fresh Twang playing at Maisebrooke Farm ShopThe Fresh Twang playing at Maisebrooke Farm Shop (Image: The Fresh Twang)

Performing fresh, alternative dance music, fused from influences including the reggae, electronic, and classical worlds, the Fresh Twang are quite a strange sounding band, but are certainly, absolutely unique.

With loud wobbly bass, and almost deranged vocals and horn arrangements, they certainly aren't for everyone, but if you want something guaranteed different, the Fresh Twang will absolutely provide something refreshing.

Contact them on their Facebook page.

8. Skyraiders

East Anglian Daily Times: Skyraiders formed in August from the remnants of another bandSkyraiders formed in August from the remnants of another band (Image: Skyraiders)

A newly formed band, Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds based Skyraiders got together in August and play punk, indie and rock covers.

Skyraiders formed when three members of an existing band left, and wanted to continue making music together- they recruited a 4th member and off they went.

Book Skyraiders through

9. Masked Marcus

Existing in some form or another since 2010, Masked Marcus have been playing gigs around East Anglia since 2019, growing in ambition and scope the whole time.

Playing in eclectic and varied style with influences from everything from folk to dance, the closest thing I can compare it to is Russian Doomer Rock, although this absolutely doesn't tell the whole story.

Contact them on Facebook

Bonus Round: Solo Artists

10. Leon O'Leary

East Anglian Daily Times: Leon O'Leary performing with his bandLeon O'Leary performing with his band (Image: Leon O'Leary)

Technically a solo artist, Leon O'Leary has been backed by BBC Introducing, and has performed at festivals including Wildpaths, Latitude and Bardfest, and is now looking to find some shows.

Playing indie folk and ambient rock, O'Leary is supported by his backing band, which includes his sister.

Contact him at

11. Billy Hunt

East Anglian Daily Times: Billy Hunt playing liveBilly Hunt playing live (Image: Billy Hunt)

Leiston based singer songwriter Billy Hunt plays indie pop with elements of soft rock that has a wide appeal. Using music to turn his life around, Billy has been described as a fabulous singer by BBC Introducing Suffolk and "a true gem" by Boogaloo.

Contact him on Facebook, or by emailing