Anniversary tour brings wrestling’s best to town

GET ready to rumble as wrestling promoters All Star say a big thank-you to fans who have supported them through the past four decades with a star-studded 2010 autumn tour.

The celebration tour will include sabre-toothed vampire warrior Gangrel, plus two-ton American Avalanche P.N.Neuz, high flying masked Japanese contender Shadow Phoenix and his Mexican-style luchador tag partner El Ligero.

Alongside them will be hard-hitting South African globetrotter Adam Bridle, Germany-based, dual world heavyweight title holder Joe Legend;and the controversial continental combination of Sir Robin Lequimeze and his equally abrasive lady manageress Lady Lory, who hail from Ghent, Belgium.

Awaiting the invasion will be British stars led by Superslam title holder and submission specialist Bad News Brown, muscle machine Domino, fan favourites Xtreem Dean Allmark and Kid Cool from Yorkshire, force Brandon T, battling Barbarian Karl Kramer, London’s leading light James Mason, Midlands marauder Dave Mastiff and Mikey Whiplash - the Potteries star who brought Rollerball Mark Rocco’s world heavy-middleweight championship belt back to Britain.

All Star Wrestling will be at the Corn Exchange, Ipswich, tonight, with first bell at 7.30pm.

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