Clacton/Ipswich: Join the Milkshake Live party

Milkshake Live Party Party, coming to Clacton and Ipswich

Milkshake Live Party Party, coming to Clacton and Ipswich - Credit: Archant

Little Princess, Toby and Delores from Toby’s Travelling Circus, the Bananas in Pyjamas, Pip from Pip Ahoy, Bello from Jelly Jamm, Chloe from Chloe’s Closet and Tommy and Tallulah from Tickety Toc are planning a surprise birthday party for Milkshake Monkey. When he disappears, the Milkshake Live crew need your help to find him in time for his big birthday bash.

“It’ll be tricky but I’m sure we can do it,” says director and choreographer Derek Moran, who can’t wait to bring the show to Clacton’s Princes Theatre on August 15 and the Ipswich Regent on September 20.

“The challenge is I’m always trying to make the show better than the last one,” adds the former member of boy band D-Side, as talk turns to the cast’s first showbiz experiences.

“My first TV experience was when I was five, a camera crew came into my school. I was so excited and in the end my best friend and I got picked to sing Me And My Teddy Bear. It made it to air. I just hope no one has the footage now.”

Presenter Amy Thompson remembers tap dancing to The Ugly Bug Ball when she was six as part of an end of term dance show.

“My mum probably still has my green leotard bug costume. My first live Milkshake! morning makes me smile too. I was so unbelievably nervous, I’d never done any presenting before and had to present live on my third day of starting the job. My heart was racing from 6am till the last live link at 9.15am.

“This was me being me, completely unscripted and unlike acting, no character to hide behind. As far as I can remember everything went well, no major slip ups or stumbles. It was when I spoke to my best friends later that day, who said they were really proud and I had done so well, but asked where had my Hull accent gone? I’d obviously been so nervous I had spoken with quite a posh accent and hadn’t even realised,” she laughs.

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Despite presenting the show for several years, she still can’t get herself to switch off early at night-time.

“It doesn’t feel right. I usually manage three or four hours sleep the night before I present live and for me that’s enough but believe me I make up for it the next day with a lovely lie-in.”

Her favourite part of the live tour is seeing the audience copying the dance moves and singing along.

“I guess for them, seeing their favourite Channel 5 TV characters come to life on stage is the equivalent of me at a Beyoncé concert! They get so excited and it’s adorable to witness that. For most of them, it’s their first live theatre experience and for me the responsibility of that is huge.”

Their shows are always very interactive, encouraging people to get up and dance and sing along.

“Usually, we need the Milkshakers to help us too along the way, whether it’s because Toby from Toby’s Travelling Circus needs some help with his magic trick or we can’t find Milkshake Monkey, our audience is a huge part of the show’s success.”

Olivia Birchenough, one of the newest members of the Milkshake team, says it’s great to be able to meet the audience face to face and see them joining in with many of the dances which they do live on Milkshake in the morning.

“Seeing the children’s faces when their favorite characters come on stage is always brilliant too. It brings their morning television viewing to life and to see this first hand makes all those very early starts worthwhile. The fact there are two presenters in each show is brilliant too. We all get along so well, it’s great to be able to present on stage together and have lots of fun.”

Curtis Angus’ five-year-old daughter inspired him to join the team.

“I also wanted to try something different. I love new challenges. Milkshake’s appeal is the presenters and the music. It’s such a fun show for children. Milkshake! Party Party is a fun new show with lots of entertainment for children and adults. It will appeal to every child in the UK which is great.”

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