WATCH - Cute tiger cubs are now a month old, and zoo visitors can take a peek

The tiger cubs at Colchester zoo are now a month old. Picture: COLCHESTER ZOO

The tiger cubs at Colchester zoo are now a month old. Picture: COLCHESTER ZOO - Credit: COLCHESTER ZOO

Amur tiger cubs at Colchester Zoo can now be seen by visitors - and the public will soon be asked to help name the adorable trio.

The three cubs have just been given their first health check and their genders have been identified.

The zoo said in an announcement: "We're delighted to report that Taiga is mum to two boys and a little girl! All three are very strong and healthy."

The cubs were born on Friday, June 14 after tigers Taiga and Igor were bred earlier in the year - making it the first time in Colchester Zoo's history that tigers have successfully been raised there.

The zoo said via its website: "Taiga was quickly reunited happily with her cubs after the health check. Now that we are positive they are all healthy and Taiga is happy, we've opened the indoor viewing area for public who may be able to sneak a peek at the new arrivals."

However, it added: "If we find that having this area open to the public is disruptive to Taiga and the cubs we may close this again for a period of time to ensure the welfare of the tigers.

The two male cubs both weigh 5.4kg (11.9lb) and the female cub weighs 4.3kg (9.5lb).

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But the zoo said: "It is not unusual for the girl to weigh less than the boys, so we're delighted that all are in great condition proving Taiga to be a brilliant mum."

At a month old, the cubs are becoming inquisitive and keen to explore. When they first venture outside, they will have access to the smaller of the tigers' two outdoor areas.

The keepers are currently thinking of names and will invite zoo visitors to vote, making a donation for the charity Action for the Wild, to help support the Amur tiger conservation project, Wildlife Vets International (WVI). The cubs will be given the three names which raise the most money.

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