Dancing with energy and discipline

Sudden Change of Event, Van Huynh Company, Pulse festival, New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, June 2

This intricate piece of work was performed with great energy, discipline and slickness.

The dancers, all great athletes with poise and fantastic focus, worked together very much as a team with the precision and timing of a sophisticated machine. Movements, formalised and sometimes jerky, were often mesmerising.

A cylindrical frame was used as both a dancing aid and as a piece of manoeuvrable sculpture. The soundtrack – which appeared at times to represent a couple making love in a drain – had an eerie, sometimes nightmarish, quality.

Chance encounters and the fragility of the moment was the advertised theme of the piece and could be detected in the choreography, but there was a lack of a clear narrative.

The first 30 minutes of this performance was stunning. Thereafter the movements appeared to become more repetitive and the soundtrack increasingly hard to bear.

This piece of work has exciting ingredients but is essentially too long.

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David Green