Top 4 cycling routes and locations throughout Suffolk

Two employees standing next to e-bike at Eezy Bikes, Bury St Edmunds

EezyBike partners with local companies, such as Adnams, to promote sustainable forms of leisure cycling and transport. - Credit: Anthony Cullen

Suffolk boasts some of the most scenic countryside in the UK, with coastal paths and quaint villages that are best experienced from the seat of a bike. 

Renting an e-bike is a fantastic way to explore the county’s beautiful areas and is a perfect family activity to do on your staycation.  

We chat to Simon Cooper, director of EezyBike in Bury St Edmunds, about some of the best areas to visit in Suffolk, and the advantages of exploring on an e-bike.  

1) Bury St Edmunds  

Couple riding e-bikes through town at Eezy Bikes, Bury St Edmunds

For people who would otherwise drive to their destination, Eezy Bikes' electric alternatives provide an extremely enjoyable and healthy way to travel. - Credit: Eezy Bikes

A firm favourite of many locals, including Simon, Bury St Edmunds is a jewel in Suffolk’s crown when it comes to cycling. Many popular routes either begin here or wind their way through this historic town, past the old churches and antiquated shops that line the streets.  

The town is nestled in between a swathe of National Trust land, and a number of charming villages that are easily accessible on an e-bike. In fact, EezyBike set up a click and collect station in Bury St Edmunds, due to its prime location and lovely surroundings. “Equis House and the National Trust land nearby is perfect for day trips, as there’s a huge amount of stunning public land to explore,” Simon explains. 

“There’s also West Stow, an Anglo-Saxon village and archaeological site open to the public, and various other villages just a short bike ride away from the main town. We are set up outside of the All Saints Hotel in Bury St Edmunds, which is a fantastic place to start. We’ll instruct you on how to ride an e-bike, ensure that you feel safe and comfortable, then set you free to explore!” 

2) Aldeburgh 

Aldeburgh is the coastal starting point for one of the most popular cycle routes in Suffolk, and by hopping on an e-bike you can avoid the hassle of heading there via car. Route 41 follows the river Alde through the picturesque countryside, finishing at the Orford quay where you can admire the sea view and enjoy some locally renowned fish and chips. 

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“Aldeburgh is the first location that we set up our e-bike rental station, as it’s a place that is very near and dear to us as cycling enthusiasts,” Simon tells us. “There are so many places to explore close by such as Orford Castle, an English Heritage site, and several coastline pathways.  

“If you’re staying nearby, there’s no need to worry about driving to these destinations and finding somewhere to park. As well as being an enjoyable holiday activity, e-bikes provide a sustainable and fun alternative to driving.” 

3) Dunwich 

There are several hotspots for intrepid cyclists along the coast, perhaps none more interesting than Dunwich, the city lost to the sea. 

You can discover Dunwich’s history as a thriving medieval seaport, and the effects erosion and storm surges have had on the area. This stretch of land is home to all sorts of rare wildlife, and the terrain is ideal for e-bikes.  

Simon comments: “There’s a wonderful route that stretches through Dunwich and the National Trust land, up towards Walberswick. Our e-bike rentals are perfect for these coastal cycling paths, as they are seated upright in the Dutch style, making them very easy to ride and extremely sturdy.” 

E-bike sat in front of trees and hotel sign at Eezy Bikes, Bury St Edmunds

You can find EezyBike click & collect stations in Bury St Edmunds and Aldeburgh, with more stations planned across Suffolk. - Credit: Eezy Bikes

4) Ickworth 

An unmissable place to visit if you’re staycationing in Suffolk is the National Trust property, Ickworth House and Gardens. The Ickworth parklands are green and expansive, with canals running through the more secluded, forested areas of the grounds. 

“Ickworth is another wonderful National Trust area in the county, and cycling through here can enhance your holiday and improve your wellbeing. The flexibility afforded by e-bike rentals is a huge bonus, as you don’t have to worry about bringing bikes back home with you.  

“You can book your slot online, ask us any questions you may have and begin discovering everything that Suffolk’s countryside has to offer.” 

To find out more about renting an e-bike, or to book your slot, visit or call 07780 458007.

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