DNA, by Dennis Kelly, Hull Truck, the New Wolsey, Ipswich, February 28

AN interesting exploration of the fragility of truth, the power of lies and what happens when you put your trust in the wrong person; this is a compelling thriller cum modern-day morality tale.

Some panic stricken teenagers make a massive mistake; while their actions unites everybody else through grief the eight who know what really happened are slowly torn apart by the lies they’ve told.

To say anything about the exact plot would lessen the piece’s impact.

It asks big questions such as how far would you go to hide the truth? Would you destroy someone’s life to save your own and protect your friends and when does a lie matter more than the truth? Despite this, it’s a very accessible piece of theatre.

While dark content-wise, there are moments of humour too.

With next to no staging, it was extremely well-acted by the entire ensemble cast.

Ex-EastEnders’ actor James Alexandrou as chief plotter Phil said little, but his on-stage presence spoke volumes; you could see the cogs turning in his mind when the gang sought his help.

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Leah Brotherhead as Leah, on the other hand, had plenty to say; but it was what lay behind her words that resonated. She was the group’s conscience; albeit a broken one by the end.

Elexi Walker as Cathy, also stood out.

Well worth catching.


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