Dreamboys, Ipswich Regent review: ‘Definitely not for the faint-hearted’

Dreamboys on stage. Picture: @Dreamboys

Dreamboys on stage. Picture: @Dreamboys - Credit: Archant

It’s safe to say that the Dreamboys received a grand reception at the Regent theatre in Ipswich on Friday night.

It is most definitely not for the faint-hearted, as warnings before entering the auditorium suggested.

The show is made up of skilful dance routines in a variety of roles including firemen, lifeguards and workmen.

There was even a treat for the Suffolk crowd with a small dance section by performer Kane Silver who embodied a topless Ed Sheeran with an acoustic guitar solo.

Highlight of the night was the arrival of celebrity dreamboy Jake Quickenden of X Factor, I’m a Celeb and Dancing on Ice fame.

Dreamboys on stage. Picture: @Dreamboys

Dreamboys on stage. Picture: @Dreamboys - Credit: Archant

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His appearances throughout the show were brief and it was clear he was a little reluctant to remove anything other than his tight tank top but that didn’t seem to bother the Ipswich crowd who were thrilled by his very presence.

Another highlight included ’The Stallion’ who didn’t fail to impress.

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Despite his lack of dancing ability he was able to command the audience during a rather revealing shower scene.

Each buff performer took it in turns to thrill members of the audience with their toned physique, albeit after some clunky set and costume changes.

The Dreamboys on tour. Picture:@Dreamboys/S.Cheverst Photography

The Dreamboys on tour. Picture:@Dreamboys/S.Cheverst Photography - Credit: Archant

READ MORE: Review: David O’Doherty, Ipswich Corn ExchangeAudience participation is very much a part of the show and it is a perfect accompaniment to a hen or ladies night, as was apparent for one blushing bride and giddy gentleman!

It was clear throughout The Dreamboys are enjoying the ‘lads on tour’ lifestyle.

The camaraderie made the experience far more enjoyable and far less awkward for everyone involved.

The choreography at times was impressive and showed off the talents of some of the guys, while for the others it showed the effects of a lengthy tour schedule.

But despite the lack of energy at times the cast never failed to entertain a raucous town audience.

The show might not win any awards for its design but the talent and cheekiness of the cast make it a thoroughly enjoyable night out.

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