DVD of the week: The Way Back

EPIC escape drama The Way Back, featuring Colin Farrell, is Richard Bryson’s pick of the DVDs out this week.

The Way Back (�14.99)

Peter Weir makes interesting films though you could argue he should make more of them – this is his first for seven years and follows the excellent naval adventure, Master and Commander.

Like that film this is etched out against a big landscape. The story of a group of prisoners escaping from a Siberian gulag is inspired by real events and has a solid cast including Colin Farrell and Ed Harris.

That said it’s the beautifully shot landscapes that catch the eye plus the hardships they encounter – you can almost feel the cold.

As the tagline to the film says, “the escape is only the beginning.” No-one expects them to survive so after an initial chase by their captors it’s the prisoners versus the elements.

Will they reach India and freedom? You have to stay with an epic, but sometimes curiously low key, adventure to find out.

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