DVD of the week: Tremors

CULT horror movie Tremors, re-released on Blu-ray, is Richard Bryson’s pick of this week’s DVDs.

DVD of the week: Tremors (4 Front, Blu-ray)

Cost: �12.99

Re-released on Blu-ray giving us the excuse to highlight the pleasures of this silly but very good mix of horror and humour.

Giant worms are springing up out of the desert in middle America, attacking citizens like Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward, and director Ron Underwood follows the lessons of Jaws by hiding the monsters until well into the film.

It saves on the budget and builds up the tension.

As boardwalks splinter, fenceposts topple or disappear and buildings collapse Bacon and Ward are great as wise-cracking, have-a-go heroes.

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They are more bemused than terrorised and even if the worms begin to look less and less menacing the action keeps you hooked.

There have been sequels but none are as winningly goofy as the original.