DVD of the week: True Grit

AWARD-winning Western True Grit, starring Oscar winner Jeff Bridges, is Richard Bryson’s pick of the DVDs out to buy this week.

True Grit (Paramount, �12.99)

Why remake this classic John Wayne Western when the original still stands the test of time? Possibly because the Coen brothers were drawn to the odd characters and rich, fruity language of Charles Portis’s novel.

Their knack of capturing the bizarre runs through this good-looking film making it by turns a classic Western and a quirky comedy/drama.

Jeff Bridges is perfect for the Wayne role of hard-bitten, drink-loving frontiersman though you won’t be able to make out everything he says such is his gravelly, low-key drawl.

Matt Damon plays the Glen Campbell part, a Texas Ranger, a little too full of himself, while Hailee Steinfield as the young girl out for revenge is excellent.

It moves along at its own leisurely pace but the landscapes and haunting score keep you watching until that famous, climatic shoot-out.

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