East Anglia: What’s on at the region’s theatres July 5-12

Cats. Picture: Mike Kwasniak

Cats. Picture: Mike Kwasniak - Credit: Archant

Entertainment writer Wayne Savage looks at what’s on the stages of the region’s theatres

Anything Goes

Anything Goes - Credit: Archant


High Society

High Society - Credit: Archant

Cats, The Co-op Juniors Theatre Company, to July 6: An all singing, all-dancing musical spectacular. Visit our online entertainment pages for a look behind the scenes.

In Health and In Sickness

In Health and In Sickness - Credit: Archant

In Health and In Sickness - The History of The Bartlet, by Suzanne Hawkes, Black and White Productions, to July 5: A dramatic and musical journey across the rise and demise of community hospitals in Suffolk, focusing on The Bartlet in Felixstowe, through the eyes of those involved as patients, health care practitioners or protesters. Part of Ip-art; visit our online festival section for a round-up of what’s on where and when.

School for Scandal

School for Scandal - Credit: Archant

The Show Must Go On, Youth Perform 2013, July 9-12: Dame Sheila Shufflebottom is due to make one final appearance for her adoring fans, but behind the scenes it’s chaos. The director’s locked himself in the loo, the stage hasn’t been swept and the dancing girls are revolting. It’s down to assistant stage manager Tom and the box office’s Terry to get it all together.


Suffolk Schools Jam, to July 5: Young people and children from Suffolk showcase their dance skills to a wide audience.

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Anything Goes, The Company of Four, to July 6: Love-sick Wall Street broker Billy Crocker stows away on the SS American in hopes of winning the heart of his beloved Hope Harcourt who’s on her way to England to marry stuffy nobleman Sir Evelyn Oakleigh. Complicating matters are Crocker’s boss, second-rate gangster Moonface Martin and his friend Erma who are also onboard. Featuring music and lyrics by Cole Porter.


The School for Scandal, Red Handed Theatre Company in association with The Production Exchange and The Park Theatre, July 11-13: The London gossip scene is buzzing and no-one is safe. But let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good scandal?


I‘ll Get My Man, by Philip King, Sudbury Dramatic Society, July 9-13: TV hero Peter seeks refuge at his uncle’s country vicarage, from his fans and from a pop singer who wants to marry him, little knowing the vicar has just advertised for a wife but has forgotten to mention the important word marriage.


High Society, to July 6: Wealthy socialite Tracy Lord (The Sound of Music’s Sophie Bould) is planning a lavish summer wedding when her ex-husband Dexter Haven (Robin of Sherwood’s Michael Praed) turns up. Complicating matters more is charming reporter Mike Connor. Which groom will the bride choose? Adapted from the hit 1956 film it bubbles with beautiful ballads including True Love and the unforgettable Well, Did You Evah! Read my interview with Michael Praed online now.

Birdsong, July 8-13: Englishman Stephen clings to the memory of his affair with French woman Isabelle as he leads his men through the carnage of the Battle of the Somme during the First World War.


The Good and Faithful Servant, by Joe Orton, Colchester Theatre Group, to July 6: A savagely comic piece looking at the way in which we treat the elderly, it follows Buchanan from retirement to death and explores how that life was wasted.

Lady Windermere’s Fan, Dot Productions, July 12: Lady Windermere seems to have it all, until she’s visited by one of London society’s most notorious gossips who suggests her husband is having an affair with the mysterious Mrs Erlynne and that this woman is about to turn up to Lady Windermere’s 21st birthday ball. Soon nothing is as it seems.


Theft, Colne Engaine Dramatic Society, July 11-13: A witty comedy thriller that asks how you’d react returning from an anniversary celebration with your oldest friends to find your house has been burgled and the culprit is still in the house, privvy to all kinds of uncomfortable truths about you, your spouse and your friends.


The Sound of Music, Livewire Opera Company, July 6: One of the most popular movie musicals of all time, based on the true story of the Von Trapp Family.


The Last of the Red Hot Lovers, by Neil Simon, Theatrical Niche Ltd, July 5: It’s the 1970s and Barney Cashman, middle-aged wannabe lothario is ready to defect.

Whisky-supping man-eaters, unstable actresses and staunchly depressed housewives all lock horns with our hero, but where will true lust lie for the beleaguered cod expert?

Le Nozze di Figaro, by Mozart, Glyndebourne Festival 2013, July 8: Recorded live in 2012, constantly chafing at the restrictions imposed by his aristocratic patrons, this is Mozart’s classic story of servants outwitting their master.


The Brothers Grimm, Fabba Theatre Company, July 10-12: The group, for adults with learning disabilities, take on cautionary fables of enchanted spinning wheels and murderous witches for its 12th show; packed with its usual energy, skill and inventiveness.