Extreme stunt show comes to Ipswich’s Trinity Park

Looking for the kind of motor madness rarely seen outside the movies? Let entertainment writer WAYNE SAVAGE steer you in the right direction.

WANT back-flipping BMXs, bikes bashing through walls of fire, car crashes, people being set alight, aerial acrobatics, jumps, monster trucks? Well, you’re in luck.

Extreme Events Europe is bringing the best of the best performers to Ipswich for an afternoon of reckless, rampaging family fun.

“It’s absolutely awesome. The stuff these guys do is just amazing,” says director Ian Batey.

“The resident Extreme BMX Freestyle Team has followers from around the globe. The stunts these guys pull off are... well, seeing is believing and believe me, even when you’ve seen it you won’t believe it. It’s extreme with a capital E.

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“We’ve got Chris Mahoney who does a back flip on a BMX, we’ve a jump over a ramp but one of the other BMX riders will sit on top of the ramp and he’ll do a back flip right over the top of him.”

Prop BMX Trials and mountain bike rider Jumpin’ Jez Avery – resident stunt man, commentator and multiple Guinness World Record holder – will also showcase various bike stunts.

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Eleven performers from across Europe will pull off tricks on various vehicles. It’s truly death-defying stuff.

“We had one guy not long ago break a leg just by a little bit of a miscalculation, missing the ramp. If a bike stalls as you’re hitting the ramp it can be really dangerous; everything we do is very, very risky,” says Ian.

Sunday’s show is part of the Evolution Tour which has been whizzing around the world at typically breakneck speed. Extreme Events have recently finished travelling around Japan having wowed audiences in Dubai, Malaysia and Thailand.

But they’re always looking to add something new to the show that’s never been seen on certain circuits before. The BMX backflip is one example; often seen on television but never live.

Adding to the fun is Europe’s top stunt woman and car crash expert Abby Baker. The Extreme Freestyle Motocross Team (FMX) will be reaching for the skies for some mid-air madness, doing everything from a kamikaze to a superman, and there’s the Honda Pilot buggy which can jump eight cars.

Fresh from Channel 4’s Famous and Fearless Arena in need of some TLC are gigantic monstrosities Extreme and Lil’ Devil. Having had a, naturally, extreme makeover, they’re ready for some serious action.

“Powering around the arena with reckless abandonment, you can’t help but admire the driver’s skills in manoeuvring a 2000-plus horse-power, methanol, supercharged monstrous machine,” says Ian.

The Extreme Stunt Show comes to Trinity Park, Ipswich, from 2pm this Sunday.

See rolling with stunt woman Abby for my chat with car crash expert Abby Baker.

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