Fans fund band’s CD

A ROCK musician has told how fans of his band have paid for their new album to be recorded and released after signing up to an innovative funding campaign.

Will Simpson and his bandmates in the group Brigade decided to release their third album through the website Pledge Music, where fans pay for the music in advance and are also offered the chance to buy bonus goodies to boost funds.

The singer and guitarist said the band – who have previously released two albums on independent record labels – had set a target of �8,000 to record, produce, mix and master their new album.

Fans were offered the chance to pay �8 for a download of the album or �12 for a signed CD with their name in the credits. Other offers to raise funds range from a signed setlist (�10) to Will’s signed Gibson guitar (�750).

The band were astonished when 50% of the target was raised within two weeks – and they now have just �400 to go.

“We are just thrilled that our fans have been willing to pay for something they haven’t heard yet. It’s amazing,” said Will, who is originally from Woodbridge.

“Our last album cost �30,000 but this time we are going to do everything ourselves so we’ve cut down to a minimal budget.”

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The band, who recently supported Feeder and begin a UK tour tonight, are hoping to record the album in January in Colchester and release it in March.

They are waiting for the target to be hit for the money to be released. The album will not go straight into the shops and will instead go directly to all those who pledged.

Will, who suffered vocal problems after the band’s second album and had to learn to sing again, said the funding idea came after his younger brother Charlie, of Busted and Fightstar fame, launched his solo album through Pledge Music.

“It’s a really interesting way to put out a record at a time when the industry is in such difficulty,” said Will, 30, who formed Brigade in 2003.

Former Framlingham College student Will is joined in the band by guitarist James Plant, from Stratford St Andrew; drummer Andrew Kearton, from Colchester; and bassist Naoto Hori.

Their latest EP, Love Is A Duel, is given away free with this month’s issue of the magazine Rock Sound.

For more information on the Pledge Music campaign go to For Brigade news and tour dates, go to www.brigade

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