Castle on the Hill, Photograph, Perfect... Which Ed Sheeran song is your favourite?

Ed Sheeran. Picture: Ben Birchall/PA Wire/PA Images

Ed Sheeran. Picture: Ben Birchall/PA Wire/PA Images - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

From The A Team to Supermarket Flowers and Castle on the Hill, Ed Sheeran has an impressive list of songs which have become instant classics. But which one is your favourite?

Castle on the Hill

Not surprisingly, Ed Sheeran's love song to East Anglia is a favourite in the region.

Judy Rimmer writes: "This song means a lot to me, partly because I also went to school in Framlingham, although many years before Ed was born.

"The words make me think back to my own schooldays, walking over the wall walk and wandering around the 'old country lanes.'

Sunset at Framlingham Castle, Ed's Castle on the Hill. Picture: Andy Greenacre

Sunset at Framlingham Castle, Ed's Castle on the Hill. Picture: Andy Greenacre - Credit:

"But you don't need to have actually seen the sunset over the castle as a teenager to feel the truth of the lyrics.

"Ed's reminiscences about how he 'made friends and lost them through the years', and all the things that have happened to them since, seem increasingly poignant as I grow older. Astonishing to think that this is the song of such a young man (or two young men, since he wrote it together with Benny Blanco.)

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"It's not only the lyrics, though but the way he sings them, bringing out the bitter-sweet quality - and the video, with all its scenes from around Suffolk. A perfect tribute to the area which made him."

On Facebook, Kelsey Dennis said her favourites are: "Perfect and Castle on the Hill, as my five-year-old son sings it. It's his favourite."

Ed Sheeran chats to director Danny Boyle at the Gorleston Palace cinema for the local premiere of th

Ed Sheeran chats to director Danny Boyle at the Gorleston Palace cinema for the local premiere of the film Yesterday. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2019

Helen Fletcher added: "Castle on the Hill - we were not far away in Ashbocking, well, not as the crow flies."

Roz Cutting said: "I grew up there too and it brings back wonderful memories."

On Twitter, José López Lerena, who is from Spain but a frequent visitor to Suffolk, said: "I like most of his songs, really talented singer, but mine's is definitely Castle Of The Hill, as it's about Suffolk!"

Tish Croydon chose two favourites: "Galway Girl, as I love Ireland, and Castle on the Hill, as it's his roots."

Ed Sheeran has shared a picture of a piece of exclusive merchandise which will be on sale at his Ips

Ed Sheeran has shared a picture of a piece of exclusive merchandise which will be on sale at his Ipswich pop-up shop Picture: Yui Mok/PA Archive/PA Images - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

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Supermarket Flowers

Liz Nice writes: "My favourite is Supermarket Flowers. It's about a boy losing his mum.

"One day, I was sitting in the car with my own little boy and it came on. He started to sing it as he sat beside me.

"Things were very difficult for me at that time. I had separated from my children's father and I was worried about the effect the changes might be having on my boys.

"Would they ever forgive me for making a choice I knew I had to make, but which would not necessarily be the choice they would have made themselves? It concerned me deeply.

"The song went on and I was already a mess when I heard 'a heart that's broke is a heart that's been loved'.

"Another line resonated too, 'When I fell down you'd be there holding me up'.

"And then my little boy looked right at me as he sang, 'You were an angel in the shape of my mum'.

"The look in his eyes was the truest thing I had ever seen. I'll never forget it.

"To me, it's not just Ed's best song, it's the best song I have ever heard in my life and will never be bettered."

Several Facebook users also chose the song as one with a powerful meaning for them. Sharni Youngs, of Sudbury, said: "Having lost my nan a few years back, this is so relatable. Ed does some amazing songs and his words to every song are so powerful and thought, and you can tell they all have a story."

Amy Oggi agreed, saying: "I look at my grandma last year in hospital and Supermarket Flowers is actually how things happened."

Holly Saunders said: "Supermarket Flowers, the lyrics mean so much!"

And Ruth Markham said: "Supermarket Flowers was played at my grandma's funeral."

Amanda Battle said: "All of them are my favourites - if I had to pick, though, I would say Supermarket Flowers."

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Like Supermarket Flowers, this is another song which brings tears to listeners' eyes.

Mark Goldsack commented on Twitter: "My favourite by a short nose would be Photograph. I just don't understand how a lad in his 20s can write lyrics that make a chap in his 50s' eyes leak! Will see him again in Ipswich."

Chantelle Cracknell also chose it as her favourite, but said: "It makes me cry every time I hear it."

And Twitter user Jack said: "Photograph is one of the best love songs ever written, with gorgeous lyrics about the beauty and timelessness of photographs - deeply moving and personal while remaining catchy. Adore it."

Thinking Out Loud - and Tenerife Sea

Several Sheeran songs are linked with key events in listeners' lives - and Thinking Out Loud is one often linked to proposals and marriages.

On Facebook, Kirsty-Sara Tierney-Jones said: "I used to dance around the living room with my young child in my arms to Thinking Out Loud. It became the proposal song my other half used with photos of our babies."

She also mentioned several other favourites, You Need Me, I Don't Need You, Little Lady on No 5 Collaborations project and the General Levy remix of Shape Of You, adding: "Can't wait for the concert!"

Samantha Bray also chose as her favourite "Thinking Out Loud, our wedding song."

Another song linked with weddings and romance is Tenerife Sea. Helen Harvey said: "I walked down the aisle to it at our wedding in May this year."

And Twitter user Alice said: "Tenerife Sea is a beautiful song, calming, and I just love it."

You Need Me, I Don't Need You

Nick Richards writes: "Probably the only Ed Sheeran song that made me sit up and think he had something about him is this track from his debut album, which got to number four in the UK charts in the summer of 2011, when released as his second single.

"I can see his later stuff is clever and well-written but it's not really for me. You Need Me, though, was a tad different. It was Ed in 2011, an angry upstart boasting about how important he was to the music industry, while in reality he was still barely out of his sofa-surfing spell of playing 300 gigs a year.

"But it's a great song, a summary of his journey so far and a brave declaration to put on a debut album. Plus he almost raps the whole thing and it has the funniest line he's ever written. The one after he says he's 'up and coming', which we can't print in this publication!"

Twitter user Charlotte also chose this song as one of her favourites, saying: "When you sing along and you know all the words, you just feel like a boss."

I See Fire

Rory Mellon admits to not being a big fan of Ed, but writes: "I do have a particular fondness for one of his songs, I See Fire, originally written for the second film in The Hobbit franchise, The Desolation of Smaug,

"During the Christmas period of 2013, when Smaug was released, I was working in a cinema in between university terms. The job was, as you might expect, mundane and primarily involved cleaning up the screens after the film had finished.

"Due to the tight turnaround, often the clean-up would be started while the credits were still rolling (assuming all customers had vacated the screen).

"Typically film credits are accompanied by irritatingly peppy tunes, but Smaug's credits feature Sheeran warbling over folk strings, which created a rather pleasant ambience as I went about scooping up popcorn and mopping sticky floors. For that reason alone, I See Fire will always hold a special significance, and remind me of my first proper job."

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Give Me Love

Twitter user Jen said: "Give Me Love is the only song I've ever heard about loneliness that really feels accurate - and it's not just the lyrics or the music. It's the passionate performance that really punches you in the throat."

Also on Twitter, Jules commented: "We've all experienced break ups and unrequited love. It's such a raw, powerful song, from the heart."

Sheeran fan Jackie ONeill said: "Give Me Love will always have a special place in my heart. The lyrics are achingly beautiful. Kiss Me is another favourite (I have a Hate-Love-Lust-Truth tattoo). I also have a Photograph memorial tattoo for my brother."

Other favourites

Of course, many different songs are personal favourites.

Twitter user Doug, from Norwich, commented: "Where We Land is a beautiful song. It reminds me how important friends, family and lovers are and how much we should treasure and respect each other."

Susan Newton Allcock chose the Foy Vance song Make It Rain which Ed Sheeran recorded for an episode of the TV series Songs of Anarchy. She said: "It's an amazing song! Couldn't believe it was him singing it. Didn't sound like him. I listen to it daily."

Perfect was the choice of Bronwyn Lummis, who said: "It's a wonderful song, with fantastic words, of feelings sung from the heart. I feel that was when his bride was sung to, with this song."

Sue Phillips chose "Little Things, which he wrote for One Direction with the amazing Fiona Bevan from Suffolk. Amazing songwriters, for sure."

Bloodstream also got some love, with Patsy Hesson paying tribute to its "super powerful lyrics and lots of loop pedal mastery".

On Twitter, Isabela said: "Impossible to choose just one, but I think What Do I Know is a very strong song that talks about respect, empathy, and inspires you to follow your dreams and do what you love."

But Kristina McNary just couldn't choose. She said: "Too many to choose just one! It depends on my mood, what's going on in life at the time. Bloodstream, Photograph, Galway Girl, Beautiful People, I See Fire are all on heavy rotation on my playlist. He has a way with lyrics, it just speaks to me."

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