Game of the Week: DC Universe Online

The prospect of developing your own superhero - or villain - and carving out a career in the city of Metropolis or Gotham is surely a mouth-watering prospect for any gamer.

Game: DC Universe Online

Platform: PS3

Price: �39.99

This all-action RPG thrusts you into the heart of DC Comics’ most iconic universe to go your own way as an all-new character, helped (and hindered) by all your favourites along the way.

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From the off, character creation is a blast and the sheer number of customisation options is astounding.

Your character look can evolve in the same way as core powers and combo skills develop while you progress through the challenges on offer in the game world.

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Legendary superhero mentors like Batman or Superman must be chosen to help guide your character along the way, but the sheer choice of experiences on offer mean you’ll be happy to cut your ties and fly off into this amazing world on your own.

Score: 85%

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