Game of the week: Donkey Kong Country Returns

THE return of the classic Donkey Kong series is the pick of the games out to buy in the run up to the final Christmas shopping week.

Title: Donkey Kong Country Returns

Platform: Wii

Genre: Action

Price: �44.99

THE Donkey Kong franchise has been around for decades and Donkey Kong Country was a huge success on N64, but monkey fans have had to wait around 14 years for this return to form.

This is the pinnacle of 2D platforming with stunning graphics, and sixty-odd levels that never feel repetitive and constantly challenge players to rethink what can be experienced in an ‘old school’ gaming genre.

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From polishing off pirates to riding runaway mine trains, there’s always something new to deal with and the game has that perfect balance of familiar 1990s game mechanics and styling mixed with innovation from the 21st century.

A modern platforming classic that’s well worth going ape about.

Score: 90%

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