Game of the week: Gran Turismo 5

THE long-awaited return of the souped-up Gran Turismo series is this week’s gaming must-have.

Title: Gran Turismo 5

Platform: PS3

Genre: Racing

Price: �49.99

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The wait is finally over.

GT5 does deliver in pretty much every respect, but perhaps a feeling of over-production lingers throughout.

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In fact, unless you’re a motoring perfectionist happy to tinker and tweak your engine for hours on end, you might find the overall experience a little lacking.

You rarely feel free to throw your car around like a good old ‘arcade racer’, but then this has never been the objective with GT5.

It’s the thinking man’s racer with a true connoisseur’s car collection. And for that reason alone, it’s worth racing out to the shops and adding this to your collection.


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