Game of the week: Killzone 3

THERE are times in every gamer’s week when they just want to grab the controller and do some shooting - if that sounds like you, Killzone 3 is just what you’re after.

Game: Killzone 3

Platform: PS3

Genre: Shooter

Price: �51.99

Killzone 2 was about as good as it got when it comes to first-person shooters.

New release Killzone 3 just got better with this effort, which boasts a brutal single-player story.

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With a refined control system and the added bonus of excellent PlayStation Move compatibility, the game’s difficulty and variety are spot-on.

Among the fun are some superb jet-pack and vehicle sequences as well as the more-traditional on-rails elements.

The stunning graphics are beautifully atmospheric and, backed by a soundtrack that provides a similar level of dramatic input, Killzone 3 pulls together a gaming package that sets a new benchmark for the popular genre.

Score: 87%