Ipswich: Peter Andre ready to work his magic at Regent

Peter Andre is particularly excited today; he’s joining the Magic Circle.

“We’re meeting up with the guy who’s just done tricks for Dynamo; he’s going to teach me some illusions for the new show. I’m excited big time. They won’t show me unless I sign this thing. I’m not ever allowed to tell my brothers [how the tricks work].

“I want them to be going, even after the sixth show, ‘dude how did you do that’. All I’ve got to do is do it right,” he laughs during what’s becoming one of our regular catch-ups.

Speaking of brothers, how was he eldest, Andrew, diagnosed with kidney cancer earlier this year?

“It’s not the best of times at the moment. We’re all good, we’re all strong and he’s the strongest of all. Tough times, but so many people are going through this. Did you know one in three people are going to get cancer, it’s unbelievable and we’ve got to do something.”

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On a happier note, Peter is back at the Ipswich Regent on December 3 with his new Up Close and Personal tour.

“You guys just cannot get rid of me, sorry,” he laughs. “It’s unbelievable; it means so much to me after all these years to be able to tour again. I love my fans so much, they’re so good to me; they give me so much love. I wouldn’t be anywhere without them.”

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The show, as usual, has sold-out.

“It’s kinda weird, they said in one of the magazines something like ‘Pete’s so busy doing Butlins, ha ha’. That’s so cheeky. We always start at Butlins, it’s the perfect place; they give us rehearsal rooms then we go off and do the 02, the Brighton Centre, theatres up and down the country; it’s funny how some people go straight to something they think is not so positive. I love Butlins.”

Fans are in for a treat, with magic tricks, special visual effects and tracks from new album Angels and Demons, released last month.

Recorded and produced on both sides of the Atlantic, Peter has worked with a mix of legendary hit writers and producers including Nasri, Rich King (Brandy, Frank Ocean), Simon Britton (Rev Run, Boyz II Men), Ronnie Wilson (Rod Stewart, Eternal) and Mushtak and Black (Craig David).

“We were running late recording because Nasri was finishing off Justin Bieber’s album. We were in one studio and he’s going ‘I’ve just gotta finish with this Justin thing, I’m nearly done, can a you wait a few more hours’. Then we’re in the studio and Chris Brown was there.”

Expect Peter’s trademark RnB-pop, plus ballads and electronic dance tracks.

“This album is like nothing I’ve ever made before. I’ve explored new genre territories and my voice has matured and strengthened. Fans and the industry should prepare to hear something very different from me. It’s a step up, the quality of it’s great... our engineer for example, he’s mixed for Pink Floyd, David Bowie...

“Lisa Mafia from So Solid Crew features on one track, we’ve got an amazing feature we’re not putting on this album; we’re going to wait to release it with one of the singles next year so that’s great. The album’s a real mix and hopefully you guys are gonna love it,” says the singer, broadcaster and entrepreneur.

With his new clothing range, five star coffee shops [“Try one of our flat whites or a caffee latte, you’ll go ‘this is yum’,” he promises], TV show My Life plus plans for another series of Bad Boyfriend Club [“Oh my God, I learnt so much from that show; within the first episode I was writing things down,” he laughs], he’s very busy.

Top of the list is the tour.

“I want fans to come because they’re gonna love it; it’s gonna be one of those shows where they go ‘d’ya know what, what a great show’; that’s what I want people to do.”

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