Ipswich: Talon- The Best of the Eagles

Eagles gone - but never forgotten

The term Supergroup is used much too often.

But when you look at the vast catalogue of hits that came from The Eagles, everything from Lyin’ Eyes to Hotel California, and Desperado to Take It To The Limit, they have got to be up there with the best.

It hardly seems possible that the Eagles split up back in 1980.

The music they made is still as interesting, fresh and entertaining today as in the Seventies.

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Talon are a British-based tribute band who manage to re-create the multi-layered sound of this country rock outfit superbly live on stage.

I’ve been playing two Best of the Eagles CDs in my car and their precision in reproducing these original sounds is amazing when I compare it in my mind.

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They do it with a stage full of multi-instrumentalists, several of them singers for the harmonies, and as many as five guitars at the time playing.

There is even a brass section and a soaring, sexy saxophone.

What is it about the Eagles that makes the songs timeless?

Many of them a self-contained stories, not just those that are from the country music roots.

And there is also catchy, melodic guitar play and sweet harmonies.

The intros to so many of theses songs are so well known they have you singing along with the first line.

What is not to love about it!

Talon packed a load of hits into a two hour plus show, and save the best for the last - Hotel California, which must be in any Top Ten best rock records, and Desperado, a close runner-up.

We also had Peaceful Easy Feeling, Witchy Woman, Heartache Tonight, Last Resort, I Can’t Tell You Why, Sad Cafe, Boys of Summer, New Kid In Town and Life In the Fast Lane, among others.

The four lead singers took turns at the microphone, each performing in slightly different style.

the real stars of the show were that special saxophone and the stylish lead guitar play that made the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.

The Eagles may be gone, but they will never be forgotten while bands like Talon perform their music so faithfully to the originals.

A great night’s entertainment at the Regent.

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