Parsons’ stand-up gig is a tour-de-force

Andy Parsons, Gruntled, Ipswich Corn Exchange, Sunday night

Parsons is a comedian not to be sneezed at; as one guy found out to his cost during this tour-de-force of a gig.

The Mock the Week star was at his best when taking full advantage of opportunities to improvise at the expense of several audience members.

The serial sneezer and a woman who laughed louder than anyone else while Parsons recalled a stint in intensive care after getting a rugby ball lodged in his ribcage became the butt of future jokes.

One of the best bits - and a running gag the rest of the night - came when another guy left his seat near the front to pop to the loo just a few jokes in.

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Parsons was hilarious as he dealt with everything from the coalition government and its foreign policy to finding a pair of pants in a jar of mayonaise and a joke about multi-tasking I can’t begin to go into in a family paper.

It’s no wonder the show was a virtual sell-out. My only two criticisms have nothing to do with Parsons.

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The acoustics in the hall made it difficult to hear the odd joke here and there properly.

Worse, though, was the lack of leg room. I had to virtually sit on my wife’s lap because the guy next to me had his legs so wide apart I half expected him to go into labour at any moment.

That aside, a great night.


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