From the Louvre to Worlington - acclaimed artist to showcase work

Portrait of Doctor J and ICU doctor at Addenbrookes Hospital

Portrait of Doctor J and ICU doctor at Addenbrookes Hospital - Credit: Heath Rosselli

This weekend art enthusiasts in Suffolk will get the chance to admire some impressive paintings that have been created during lockdown. 

Included in the exhibition at All Saints' Church in Worlington will be Heath Rosselli's harrowing portrait of Addenbrooke's ICU doctor, 'Doctor J' which she painted during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Mrs Rosselli, who has had a previous portrait displayed at the Louvre in Paris, will be on hand to discuss the painting and is hoping to raise awareness of frontline workers' mental health. 

Portrait painting of Mike created by The Worlington Movement artist Cornelia Coates

During lockdown artists from ' The Worlington Movement' have painted portraits of loved ones. This painting is called 'Mike' - Credit: Cornelia Coates

Fellow artists from local group ' The Worlington Movement' all paint using a traditional layering method.

Mrs Rosselli said: "During lockdown painting has been a sort of therapy really. 

"It has got them through the long months at home and has been quite a healing thing to do." 

The 'Artists of the Worlington Movement' summer exhibition will take place on Saturday, June, 26 and Sunday, June, 27 between 11am - 4.30pm. 

Funds raised by the exhibition will be donated to the church.