Dracula performance by the Rendham Mummers

The Rendham Mummers are celebrating Winter Solstice

The Rendham Mummers are celebrating Winter Solstice - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The Rendham Mummers are celebrating the Winter Solstice next week with a performance of ‘Dracula’s Longest Night’.

The play will be performed on the Knoll in Rendham on Tuesday (December 21) at 7.30pm.

 Philip Harley, who wrote the play, described the  production as “combining all the traditional mysticism of the Druid Gods with modern humour and satire.”

“As the villagers prepare for the winter solstice, the Earl of Suffolk is determined to spoil their fun. He enlists the help of Count Dracula who is more than happy to gorge on the blood of innocents. 

“As Herne the Hunter and Mother Earth lay sick and dying, will Good once more conquer Evil? Will the villagers once again be able to dance and sing? There is only one way to find out, come and join us,” said Philip.

"Wrap up warm and be prepared to laugh,” he added.

Refreshments will be available from 6.30 pm and parking will be available. 

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There will be a collection during the performance to raise money for local foodbanks.

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