Review: Chipmunk’s raps rock the Regent

MOBO-Award winning artists wowed crowds at the Regent last night.

Chipmunk has won two Mobo awards, one in 2008 for best UK newcomer and graduating in 2009 to best hip-hop act.

Joining him on stage, among others, was Bashy, Mobo’s most inspirational artist of 2008. Famed for his Love Music, Hate Racism Campaign, he was also assistant musical supervisor for Noel Clarke’s hit film Adulthood, releasing the single Kidulthood to Adulthood.

With a queue well past the old Odeon, it was geared up to be an exciting night. Inside the heat was incredible from the sell-out audience as the first acts, Candy Rock and Marvell, took to the stage. Candy Rock played three pop numbers to get the crowd going while Marvell got their hands in the air.

Next came Aggro Santos playing his hit Candy and giving us a peEk of his next single, Saint Or Sinner.

Bashy was on the stage next, fresh from Glastonbury. With all the crowd now standing, edging closer to the stage, he opened with Kidulthood to Adulthood, the 2008 single, followed by Who wants to be a millionaire.

With every call and response rhyme the audience responded, as he jumped with the rhythm, like a man on top of the world. By now everyone’s hands were in the air.

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Then, the man we’d all been waiting for was here, running on stage to ear-piercing screams. Now everyone was at the front, with those too small to see standing on chairs. Every movement was followed by screams, as he launched into Chip diddy chip followed by Oopsy daisy.

Disappearing for a while he came back wearing a fresh shirt, with his first ending up in the crowd, again to more screams. His band now in full swing, not missing a note, played Diamond rings and Super star, with Chipmunk not staying still for a second. The two songs before the encore were History with artist Wretch 32 joining him, and Role model, a song about the pitfalls of fame. The encore consisted of Look for me and a rendition of Kanye’s Touch the Sky, leaving the audience screaming for more.

The audience was on a constant high all night, showing as much energy as the performers.

Rhiannnon from Deben High School said: “I was so excited, Chipmunk is so good”. Ronni Smith added: “It’s so good to see big artists in Ipswich.”

The Londoner put on an energetic performance for the crowd, showing that Ipswich can host the best performers in the business.

There will be more to come from Chipmunk, with a new album expected soon.


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