Review: Comedian Ed Byrne at the Ipswich Regent

Comedian Ed Byrne

Comedian Ed Byrne - Credit: Archant

Dressed in a snazzy emerald green suit Irish comedian Ed Byrne cut quite a dash on the stage of the Ipswich Regent.

And if the reaction of those in the theatre was anything to go by his gig on Wednesday night left very few disappointed.

Unfortunately I think I could be classed as one of them. That’s not to say that he wasn’t funny - there were plenty of people who were having a wail of a time. It’s just I came away feeling a little non-plussed.

The show started well enough, with Ed coming on for 15 minutes to “warm up for his warm up”, who turned out to be the excellent Ben Norris. There were plenty of belly laughs to be had in this first half hour or so and it promised great things for the main show.

Unfortunately - it pains me to say - it failed to meet my expectations. I wanted to like it more. I really did. I’ve been a fan of Ed Byrne for quite a while - long before his regular stints on BBC 2 panel show Mock the Week.

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However I can’t remember a stand out joke - apart from one abut three ducks, one of which is called Puddles.

Now, maybe it’s because I couldn’t really relate to the subject matter (turning 40, bringing up two children, visits to the doctor to discuss a vasectomy and a stint on the operating table to deal with a hernia - none of which I’ve done.) But I was left feeling I wanted more.

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Happily, most others seemed to disagree - maybe he just caught me on a bad night?

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