Review: Ed Byrne at Ipswich Regent, March 3

Ed Byrne, Crowd Pleaser, Regent Theatre, Ipswich, Thursday, March 3

“THESE jokes worked in Tunbridge Wells, so if you don’t like them it’s your fault,” warned Ed Byrne while warming up the audience for his own warm-up act - strangely not the most surreal thing that happened that night.

That honour goes to a story involving Bruce Willis, but we’ll get to that later.

Byrne’s latest show was a tour de force, an outpouring of every petty peeve that’s bugged him over the last year or so.

Be it the pitfalls of dating - especially buying your partner flowers or introducing them to your mates - and inappropriate child clothing to chip and pin and why alcohol and working on the CERN Hadron Collider don’t mix nothing escaped his curmudgeonly charming wit.

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He tackled the big stuff too, such as being a new dad, the problem with agnostics and his cat’s worryingly escalating obsession with catching impressively large wildlife.

Despite some excessive heckling from a bawdy bunch, fellow Irishman Karl Spain more than earned his support slot.

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His description of Limerick’s first Gay Pride march and a traumatic bath time experience as a youngster had the audience howling; as did his attempt at giving relationship advice to a long-term engaged couple in the front row.

Oh yes, Willis.

Too good to be true, yet too weird to be a lie, an audience member’s tale of how the action star got his mum arrested while on a family day-trip to a new Heathrow airport terminal nearly upstaged Byrne.

A fantastic night out.


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