Review: Frankie Boyle at the Regent

WHAT a shocker - but then that was the point.

Britain’s most controversial comedian Frankie Boyle brought his unique brand of filth and fury to a sold-out Regent and the crowd loved it - but I doubt your grandmother would have.

Nothing was too taboo with targets including royalty, Muslims and the Paralympics.

His deadpan delivery is peppered with foul language which often prompts nervous titters rather than belly-laughs. But like drivers rubber-necking at an accident it is difficult to look away.

He came on stage and immediately launched into the kind of material which had made him famous - or infamous. Most stand-ups would struggle with a lot of the subjects he tackles head-on but he revels in it - it works for Boyle.

There was the odd, very brave heckler but one yell of “you’re rubbish” barely even needed a response. He wasn’t - he gave the crowd what they wanted and the fact he pushes the boundaries makes it all the more exciting.

Even before he arrived in Ipswich Boyle had ruffled feathers after Tweets poking fun Paralympians prompted Olympic silver medallist Lizzie Armitstead to say: “Frankie Boyle isn’t funny.”

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But last night’s crowd knew what to expect and the vast majority loved every minute. It is certainly not for the faint-hearted but the Mock the Week regular will continue to fill venues up and down the land.

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