Review: Full-on toilet talk thankfully didn’t flush out all the laughs at Paddy McGuinness gig

Paddy McGuinness brought his tour to the Ipswich Regent tonight

Paddy McGuinness brought his tour to the Ipswich Regent tonight - Credit: Archant

Review: Paddy McGuinness, Daddy McGuinness tour, Ipswich Regent, October 16

It’s true what they say, once you become a parent toilet talk really does dominate every conversation.

Paddy McGuinness spent much of the first half regaling us with tales of dirty nappies, and worse - perhaps more than the youngest members of the audience (the age guidance was 15 and over) needed to know.

In an unexpected twist, the comic started his act by jumping off stage and roaming around the auditorium, meeting his audience and chatting like old friends.

Duvets, chokes and poking friends (on Facebook) all raised some early laughs.

McGuinness revealed his main reason for going on the road was to catch up on sleep and escape the dreaded Mr Tumble.

Cue lots of laughs from the parents amongst our ranks, who know all too well the nightmare that is CBeebies.

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And then he turned off the filter - and hit us with the toilet humour.

Lots of it. And far worse tales of adult faeces, masterbation and ovulation kits.

Early on, McGuinness was slightly off kilter, almost rushing through his rehearsed lines.

But suddenly, midway through a tale of an errant happy change, he crouched on the floor - and paused....for a good 10 seconds. It was perfect, allowing the laughter to build up to full crescendo.

This was the pitch point of the night.

And then he trumped himself - sneaking in the infamous ‘no lighty’ line.

As McGuinness returned for the second half, I have to admit, I was praying for a little relief from the toilet humour.

We were not disappointed, he change tack and took on reality TV, spiders and even more abstract topics - with a small helping of the crudeness we had quickly come to expect.

Thanks Paddy for the pain in my chest from laughing so hard.