Review/Gallery: Go Ape and Segway at Thetford Forest - an action-packed day out

Reporter Mariam Ghaemi makes her way around the Tree Top Adventure at Go Ape at Thetford Forest.

Reporter Mariam Ghaemi makes her way around the Tree Top Adventure at Go Ape at Thetford Forest. - Credit: Mariam Ghaemi

Jumping out of a tree into a cargo net certainly gets the adrenaline going.

I spent an action-packed morning at High Lodge at Thetford Forest last month when I signed up to the Tree Top Aventure at Go Ape, as well as Segway.

While Segway - which has been described a “walking on wheels” - is not overly tiring, The Tree Top Adventure sees you climbing cargo nets, crawling through a tunnel in the air and hurling yourself from trees as you make your way around the obstacle course.

Neither of the activities are risk free – it is pointed out immediately there is the chance of serious or fatal injury – but if you pay attention to the training and are sensible you should make it home in one piece.

On section one of the Tree Top Adventure, your supervisor explains what to do with the various ropes and attachments, and then it is all about putting what you have learned into practice.

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What’s key is to stay attached at all times as you make your way around the course, which has five sections.

The height gradually increases to 12m, but even my husband, who is not a fan of heights, felt safe - and enjoyed himself.

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While you do not need to be at the height of fitness to complete the course, people who are extremely out of shape may struggle.

Segway, on the other hand, is more of a stand back and relax experience.

While standing on the Segway, you tilt your body forwards and backwards to move in these directions and you use your hips to turn.

During the session you get to explore different routes – some more bumpy than others – culminating with your speed increasing from 7mph to 11mph.

It was a unique, if not slightly strange sensation, but a great way to explore the forest.

The Segway is for those aged 10 and above and you have to be over seven stone to be able to control it.

The Tree Top Adventure, which can take three hours to complete, is aimed at anyone aged 10 and above and you have to be at least 1m 40cm in height. Children have to be accompanied by an adult.

Both activities are incredibly fun, and are a great way to get the whole family active, but for most parents they are likely to be a treat, rather than a regular outing, due to cost.

Segway costs £30 per person for an hour session while the Tree Top Adventure is £32 for an adult and £24 for under-18s.

If you book two tickets on the day you can get 10% off.

There is also a junior Go Ape activity aimed at six to 12 year olds and those aged five and under must be accompanied by an adult (the 10% offer does not apply here).

High Lodge has all the facilities you would expect, such as parking, toilets and food and drink.

For more information and to book visit or call 0843 2497343.

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