Review: Jimmy Carr – Funny Business, Ipswich Regent, October 4

Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr - Credit: Archant

When watching a famously edgy comedian like Jimmy Carr on a televised show you know they are being constrained by the broadcasters’ standards of taste and decency. “Here’s the envelope of acceptability,” a nervous producer might say. “Please, please, please don’t stray too much outside of it.” But in a live, one-man stand-up stage show you know that envelope will be much broader.

Even then you know Carr’s material will be running very close to the wire, but that is part of his appeal and part of why people choose to see him perform. However on this occasion he seemed more risqué than risky – well, most of the time.

The one liners were rattled off in a way which left the audience just enough time to catch a breath before the next punchline arrived. This was interspersed with audience interaction, the popular picture segment and some longer, more story-like jokes to vary the pace.

Personally I thought some of the funniest moments were when Carr was able to strike up some banter with more confident members of the crowd – even soliciting for heckles both verbally and via text message – but a strangely shy majority unfortunately meant these sections were over too soon.

The comedian himself however was never really knocked off his stride. It was certainly a show for those who enjoy the shared awkwardness of bedroom humour, though fans of his more edgy stuff got their fill towards the end and during the encore.

Unshackled from TV’s chains, Carr is a treat to view on stage. In Funny Business he sets out to simply make you laugh. Business, it seems, is booming.

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