Review: The Graduate, Bury Theatre Royal

Bury Theatre Workshop stages a very British version of The Graduate with Victoria Dry as Mrs Robinso

Bury Theatre Workshop stages a very British version of The Graduate with Victoria Dry as Mrs Robinson and Charlie Easdown as Benjamin Braddock. - Credit: Archant

The Graduate, adapted for stage by Terry Johnson, Bury Theatre Workshop, Bury Theatre Royal

It is an iconic film of the 1960s – The Graduate is the story of the affair between listless 21 year old Benjamin Braddock and the bored, glamorous and older woman Mrs Robinson.

This stage production by Bury Theatre Workshop is an enjoyable experience with some nice comedy touches and plenty of sexual tension.

Victoria Dry as the sensual Mrs Robinson oozes sexual allure and sophistication - and has the figure to match - while Charlie Easdown captures nicely the innocence and awkwardness of the languid and lethargic Benjamin.

Though the first half is quite long, The Graduate is a complex story that needs time to develop. As Ben and Mrs Robinson embark on their steamy affair, Ben soon realises they have little in common beyond their physical relationship.

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The complications soon set in when Ben starts dating Mrs Robinson’s lively and enthusiastic daughter Elaine, played with confidence by the talented Megan Reynard.

And in the second half the tension builds as the story heads towards its dramatic climax.

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With a supporting cast, which does a sterling job throughout, and some nice attention to detail - Mrs Robinson’s costumes are particularly good - this is a fun production which strikes the right balance between humour and steaminess.

Congratulations to the Bury Theatre Workshop team.


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