Snape Prom: Scottish Chamber Orchestra

Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Anderszewski, Snape Proms, August 2

Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Anderszewski, Snape Proms, August 2

Each of the two piano concertos which formed the basis of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra's Snape Prom was directed from the keyboard by Piotr Anderszewski, each one preceded by a Mozart string divertimento directed from the violin by the orchestra's leader Christopher George.

With the first of Mozart's three early divertimenti, K136, beginning to rival Eine Kleine Nachtmusik in popularity, it was good to hear the other two, K137 and K138, and the strings gave enjoyable if unremarkable accounts of each.

The evening's real music excitement, though, centred on the concertos beginning with the finest and best-known of Haydn's piano concertos, that in D Major of 1784.

Purists might raise an eyebrow at the combination of a modern grand piano and period wind instruments but Anderszewski's crisp, incisive playing ensured an impeccably stylish performance. He obviously enjoys great rapport with the orchestra who responded magnificently to his incisive direction.

It is difficult to believe that even the most charismatic conductor could have made the opening tutti of Beethoven's 1st Piano Concerto more exciting, and Anderszewski's playing more than matched this excitement.

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He exhibited a beautiful singing cantabile in the largo and the scintillating playing from orchestra and soloist in the finale brought rapturous applause.

A welcome change form the modern blight of clinical perfection.

Frank Cliff