The Apprentice: Alex Britez Cabral is second candidate fired

ESTATE agent Alex Britez Cabral was the latest contestant to be fired from The Apprentice - and admitted that his tactics ‘weren’t the best’.

The 28-year-old said his game plan was to keep his head down during the early stages of the competition, but it backfired on him when he was axed for not doing enough.

Cabral said: “I think I went on with a clear set of tactics for the process and I can honestly say they weren’t the best tactics.”

The teams were tasked with creating a mobile phone app and then competing for downloads and critical acclaim over a 24-hour period.

But the boys lost for the second time in a row when their app - which reeled off phrases in different accents - achieved only a third of the girls’ total.

And Cabral was duly called into the boardroom by the losing project manager Leon Doyle.

After being fired, Cabral said: “I think tactics were wrong and you have to hold your hands up. “You make these decisions and I’m a big boy. I think there was an element of bad luck for going in that task.

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“But I did hold my own, I will hold my own and I think some of the criticism was a little bit unnecessary and unwarranted.”

Project manager Doyle drew criticism from his team after he changed his mind about who to take into the boardroom showdown following coaxing from fellow contestant Jim Eastwood.

And Cabral added: “To be harassed and lambasted into taking back who Jim felt he should have was just unbelievable. You expect a project manager to be strong.

“When I manage my team I exercise strength of character and to be guided and pushed around in the boardroom - everyone was very surprised and I was very frustrated as everyone else was.”

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