Up Out o’ the Sea, by Andrew Holland, Eastern Angles, Seagull Theatre, Lowestoft, March 5, touring until June 4

A 30-year-old tragedy causes ripples in the present in this poignant and funny tale.

When writer Carrie (Laura Harding) turns up in a small coastal town armed with a laptop and a string of awkward questions about the town’s infamous lifeboat disaster, her arrival sparks a mixture of emotions among the residents.

Memories and secrets soon rise to the surface and nobody’s lives will ever be the same. To say any more would spoil it.

It was superbly acted by the five-strong cast - also including Mike Aherne as cagey fisherman Dolphie, Suffolk’s own Francis Woolf as his fond of a drink helper Tweedy, Lisa Tramontin as opinionated librarian Mrs Jope and Lisa-Marie Hoctor in the duel roles of the enigmatic Emily and mouthy Milly.

The traverse staging worked well, it was like wigging in on a private conversation rather than watching a play.

Careful if you sit on the front row though. While it made the experience more immersive, I almost tripped several of the actors up as they made their entrances and exits.

The set, lighting and sound effects really complemented the performances.

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The Suffolk accent is hard to nail and strayed across the border some times. Every now and then somebody came out with a line of dialogue that seemed forced rather than something you’d imagine their character really saying.

But I’m splitting the tiniest of hairs here.

There’s a lot going on, especially in the last act or so which relies on you piecing together the clues along the way or remembering what’s already happened; but I like that in a play.

All in all I’d happily recommend you catch this production during its tour. For details of where and when it’ll arrive in your area go to www.easternangles.co.uk


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