Video & Gallery: Thousands head to Ipswich Music Day

LOU Reed couldn’t have put it better – it was a Perfect Day in Christchurch Park

WONDERFUL weather helped bring out record numbers of visitors to Ipswich Music Day in the town’s Christchurch Park.

An estimated 36,000 people took advantage of the 19th free music festival that has become a highlight of the summer in the town.

With six main stages and several other performance areas, there really was something for everyone in the park – from classics and brass band music to hip-hop and dance via a Beatles tribute and indie rock bands.

Event organiser James Young said it showed just how far Ipswich had come culturally over the last two decades.

He said: “When we started this 18 years ago Ipswich was a bit of a cultural desert – but just look at this now.

“I’ve lived in Ipswich all my life and this kind of event really gets the town going.”

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An estimated 36,000 people took advantage of the great weather to enjoy the free event. More than 13,000 had arrived by 2.30pm and it always fills up later in the afternoon as the shops close and people look to prolong their stay in the town.

Three hours later the number had gone up to 34,000 – and there were still a few stragglers coming through the gates.

There were no major problems reported to the police – and even the first aid teams were able to enjoy the day. They had a handful of people suffering from sunburn or heat exhaustion, but no serious conditions to deal with.

By the end of the day, Mr Young was very enthusiastic.

“I can’t think that we’ve ever had a better Ipswich Music Day – but then I’ve often said that at the end of the day but this was very special,” he said.

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