Video: Radiohead boost for Southwold Pier as new ‘Pet or Meat’ game is unveiled

THERE is nothing “end of the pier” about the avant-garde rock band Radiohead.

But don’t be surprised to spot the million-selling group at Southwold’s very own Under The Pier show.

When thousands of the band’s fans logged on to Radiohead’s website last week to download their new album The King of Limbs, they might well have spotted a link to Suffolk.

The band have given their approval to the Under The Pier show, featuring the weird and wacky inventions of Tim Hunkin, at Southwold Pier and have put a direct link on their web page.

One of the band writes: “I keep trying to go there but not quite making it. Maybe you’ll have better luck. Go to Ipswich and turn right.”

The Under The Pier show features a number of madcap games and un-PC exhibits, including Whack-a-Banker, the Booth of Truth and Autofrisk. The latest – Pet or Meat – has just been added and is proving popular with visitors.

Mr Hunkin, a scientist and inventor who lives near Southwold, said he was very pleased with the recommendation, even though he admitted he is no fan of the progressive rock band, whose recent work has been dominated by electronic experimentation.

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“I’ve no idea how it came about although I’m glad they like what they’ve seen or heard,” he said.

“It (the show) does have a very nerdy following from people who like to mess about with electronics and I think that’s where the overlap might be with Radiohead fans and how the band came to hear about it.

“I love being part of that community with all the ideas and the enthusiasm. But I’m not a great fan of Radiohead, I’m afraid. It’s all sounds a bit dirge-y.”

Mr Hunkin, who also built the pier’s quirky water clock, said he was continuing to come up with new contraptions and was pleased to see his latest work installed.

“It really does take over my life – but as long as I can make silly machines, I’ll be happy,” he said.

Stephen Bournes, owner of the pier, said the latest machine in The Under The Pier Show was proving to be an entertaining addition.

A spinner lands on either “pet” or “meat” and, depending on which, the machine displays two different “endings” for a cuddly little lamb.

“Tim’s inventions are always very popular and we got the latest one in for half-term,” said Mr Bournes. “It’s great that Radiohead have recommended the pier, although I wouldn’t recognise them if they did turn up.”