Watch: Amazing starling murmuration spotted over Aldeburgh

Starlings flying over Aldeburgh Marshes

Starlings flying over Aldeburgh Marshes - Credit: Jo Dury

A stunning murmuration of several thousand starlings has been captured on video as it flew over Aldeburgh.

Jo Drury was amazed when she looked up to see the migratory birds flying en-mass across the sky on December 30.

She had just seen a murmuration, which is made up of a minimum of 500 starlings, flying in a formation around their roosting sites. 

Mrs Drury said "It's the first time this year we've seen them. We see them annually around here, but they move on quite quickly.

"They were over the North Warren Marsh, in Aldeburgh."

As the birds meet in the skies around their communal roost, the murmurations, or flying flocks of starlings take on incredible shapes as they merge. 

When their numbers reach their peak, as the last of the light fades, they dive all at once into the rushes, settling down to sleep. 

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