Woodbridge: Elmhurst Park facing temporary closure during tree removal

Elmhurst Park in Woodbridge

Elmhurst Park in Woodbridge - Credit: Archant

A long-standing copper beech tree has been struck by disease.

Woodbridge Town Council is now having to take action following consultation with arboricultural experts and Suffolk Coastal District Council’s tree officer. The copper beech in Elmhurst Park is much-loved and is thought to be more than 200 years old.

However despite efforts to prolong its life over the last five years its root disease has now progressed to an advanced stage.

Its reduced roots can no longer manage to feed and water its massive canopy and it is now classed as “dead, diseased or dangerous”.

Competitive quotations are now being obtained for the removal and clearance of the branches, although it is hoped the trunk might be retained to a height of some 5-6metres, as a monument, which might in time support rambling roses. Whilst this work is being undertaken Elmhurst Park will have to be closed.

For more details contact the town council on 01394 383599 or email chris@woodbridge-suffolk.gov.uk