You’re fired! Chatty Melody Hossaini is out of the Apprentice

Apprentice candidate Melody Hossaini has been fired and she says she has learned a lesson about “listening more” after viewers saw her talk her way out of a job with Lord Sugar.

The business consultant’s over-lengthy chatter proved a turn-off in the boardroom, leading to her being axed during tonight’s edition of the BBC1 show.

Ms Hossaini had volunteered to project-manage her team in this week’s “reinvestment” task but failed to show enough savvy.

Lord Sugar gave the teams a selection of market goods - such as nodding dogs, duvets and umbrellas - and instructed them to reinvest profits in items which were the biggest sellers.

But instead of buying more nodding dogs - which had proved most popular - she chose to buy duvets to sell on to retailers, which gave a reduced profit margin.

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Ms Hossaini tried hard to defend her actions to Lord Sugar in the boardroom, prompting advisor Karren Brady to tell the business guru: “If you went into business with Melody, your board meeting would be a very long affair.”

After being fired, Ms Hossaini, who is the founder and director of a global youth consultancy business, said: “Lord Sugar and I won’t be going into business right now, but perhaps our paths will cross again and I can tell him what I do, which is more than just talking.”

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Speaking about what she would be taking away from her stint in the show, she said: “Listening more.”

Ms Hossaini added: “I think we’re expanding our business at the moment and I’ve run it single-handedly for a long time, so I’ve had to rely on my own instincts, but now I will be forced to work with a lot of different people.

“Also, that I don’t have to come across as so strong all the time and that it’s okay to show a bit of vulnerability.”

The aspiring apprentice admitted she came across as arrogant but insisted she was putting on a confident attitude to hide her weaknesses.

She said: “When I’m coming across as most confident is when I’m feeling my most insecure and vulnerable. It’s my way of covering it up, and that’s me being completely honest.

“If you watch me in the last boardroom it’s like all that’s stripped away and I’ve got guns out and I’m just going at it because it was just pure passion left. It is when I’m extremely insecure as that’s just my way of dealing with it.

“It’s because I’m trained in communication skills that I’m so aware of what weak body language looks like. That’s one of the things I will be taking forward, that I don’t have to appear so strong all the time. It’s okay to appear a bit weak as that’s what makes you human.”

Hossaini admitted she had made a mistake in not buying more nodding dogs after team-mate Tom Pellereau told her how quickly they had sold out.

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