A Suffolk village recorded an overnight temperature of -9.7C as the county experienced its coldest night in almost a decade.

Santon Downham, on the border with Norfolk, recorded the county's lowest temperature over Wednesday evening, according to East Anglian-based forecaster Weatherquest.

Cavendish, near Sudbury, recorded a low of -9.1C, while Lakenheath's temperatures plunged to -8.8C.

It was initially reported that Cavendish had recorded Suffolk's lowest temperature, but this was revised after new readings.

The temperature in Santon Downham was the coldest in the county since January 2013 and the coldest in December since 2010.

Over the border in Norfolk, Marham recorded a low of -9.2C.



However, the lowest temperature in the East of England over Wednesday night was in Woburn in Bedfordshire – where the mercury dropped to -12.7C.

This was the coldest night in the East since January 2013 and the coldest December temperature since 2010, Weatherquest said.

Unofficial stations in parts of the region with snowcover have reported temperatures as low as -16C.

Chris Bell, forecaster at Weatherquest, said: "It was certainly one of the colder nights we have had for a long while – it was significantly cold.

"This spell is the coldest we have had since about 2010."

A number of weather warnings have been issued in Suffolk in the past week, with the country being hit by a cold blast of Arctic air.

Snow started to fall in the west of the county, including in Sudbury and Haverhill, over Sunday evening and Monday morning.