Suffolk has been freezing this week with temperatures plunging below zero in another cold snap – but when will it start to warm up?

The Met Office had issued a severe cold weather warning for this week as the mercury has dropped as low as -7.6C in Suffolk overnight.

It comes after the country was hit by a cold blast of Arctic air in early December, leading to snowfall in parts of Suffolk.

The subzero conditions are set to stay over the weekend before they are forecast to rise to about average January temperatures on Monday.

However, the nights could still see temperatures dip below zero.

Chris Bell, forecaster at Weatherquest, said: "I think we'll see temperatures start to come up early next week. Probably on Monday we will start to see them rebound.

"Instead of these hard frosts we've been having overnight, it will become more averagely cold.

"There will still be some colder nights in there – we could see temperatures as low as -3C or -4C."