Town leaders are 'shocked and disgusted' by the closure of Barclays banks in Mildenhall and Newmarket and they hope the buildings won't be turned into flats or fall into disrepair.

Banking giant Barclays is set to close its banks in Mildenhall and Newmarket later this year.

Barclays has said the reasoning behind the store closures is due to lack of use and people preferring online banking.

The closure of the Mildenhall branch means that the town will now have no banks.

East Anglian Daily Times: Mildenhall mayor Ian Shipp.Mildenhall mayor Ian Shipp. (Image: Ian Shipp)

Mildenhall mayor Ian Shipp said he was very concerned for the staff working in the bank and added: "This appears to be a decision by faceless accountants determined to wrestle every penny of profit from their customers with no thought to customer service.

"Shame on Barclays."

Councillor Andrew Neal said the announcement was a "great shame," adding that it was simply a "sign of the times".

East Anglian Daily Times: Councillor Andrew Neal, whose ward is in Mildenhall.Councillor Andrew Neal, whose ward is in Mildenhall. (Image: West Suffolk Council)

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He also said that the closure of the store will have an affect on the high street.

"The building will become flats before we know it and once that happens, it will never come back," said Cllr Neal.

"I don't know why they can't keep it open but I do know that it will be a business decision that is out of our control."

East Anglian Daily Times: Philippa Winter, mayor of Newmarket.Philippa Winter, mayor of Newmarket. (Image: Newmarket Town Council)

Newmarket Mayor Philippa Winter echoed the concerns, saying she hoped not to see any more empty space in the high street.

"If these buildings remain vacant, they can very easily fall into disrepair," she said.

Cllr Winter went to the Newmarket Barclays branch this morning to record her disappointment.

She added: "They've said in a letter that they will hope to have someone to help with banking problems in another location.

"That could be essential for a number of people who can't use mobile banking."