Ed Sheeran has revealed he shot as many as 14 music videos in Suffolk for his new album.

Today, the Suffolk superstar's Disney Plus documentary The Sum Of It All began streaming.

Across the four episodes, Sheeran talks candidly about his personal life and career so far.

In episode three, titled 'Focus', he revealed that all the music videos for his new album have been recorded in Suffolk.

He said: "There's a hell of a lot going on at the moment.

"We're shooting 14 music videos back to back for Subtract.

"I'm filming all the music videos in Suffolk."

During the episode, there are behind-the-scenes recordings of the filming taking place on the Suffolk coastline.

In November, he was spotted in Lowestoft with a production crew as filming took place.

The crew also became unlikely heroes after they helped rescue a missing woman.

Subtract releases on Friday, May 5.